Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Leftover Wishes" series

Leftover Wishes are cross-stitchings using scrap and recycled yarns, sometimes exclusively and other times with new yarns.

 LW01 "pelagian froth"

 LW02 "green dreaming"

 LW03 "Ping Cluck"

 LW04 "event horizon beyond the purple trees"

 LW05 "a stray wish alights on Gretchen"

 LW06 "Freyda finds happiness growing at her feet" 

LW07 "Between every two trees is a doorway"

LW08 "Psychedelic Uterus"

                                   LW09 "Ostara Uterus"

                              LW10 "Nerida the Octapus Girl"

                                       LW11 "Cosmic Spiral"

                                    LW12 "trepidition of Tselafsha"

                           LW13 "Sea Angel"

                          LW14 "the abandoned butterfly"
This one was started by my Mom, it looked like a butterfly at first. But she didn't like it and abandoned it. I picked it up, took out some bad color, and finished it.

 LW15 "Me, My Mom and Bro"
Started the day I left Radioactive Iodine treatment, and finished at my Mom's house. My brother Bobby was visiting, and he said it was a picture of the three of us. He wanted to be the small green one, because he's always the biggest one in real life. Thinking of Bobby now, he is going through a hard time in hospital. (18 Aug 2013)

 LW16 violets in the mountains are breaking the rocks

 LW17 resplendent raspberry rays

LW18 Bubble Gardens of the Seahorse Twins

 LW19 aliens

 LW20 Bee Brite

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