Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Confetti" series

C01 "Lotti Dances in Confetti"

C02 "Iolanthe under the apple tree"

 C03 "meine Braut heißt Edeltraut"

 C04 "polka dancin Edeltroud with a plate of Sauerkraut"

C05 "Ashling swings a spring thing"

C06 "Gerda reads to Grizza" 

C07 "Hildegard's kaleidoscopic cataract surgery "
C08 "Holomakani cycles in the breeze"

C09 "Dawrawn Drifting"

 C10 "Sheep Trills"

C11 "Silvia Crochet"

C12 "wild ride"

 C13 "Gwragedd Annwn"

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